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Behind San Maurizio, stands the small temple dedicated to the Madonna delle Grazie, a sanctuary covered inside with votive offerings left by the Pinerolo residents.

The facade faces the opposite side of the church of San Maurizio and is accessed through the space in front, almost a panoramic terrace overlooking the Pinerolo plain and the Rocca di Cavour, as well as the Alps.


Here on the right you can see the route of IT04 Due passi in hill, this point of interest represents the third stage


Piazzale San Maurizio, 10064 Pinerolo (TO)

Which itineraries include:

This point of interest is included in IT04 Due passi in collina

historics notes:

The first certain information on the sanctuary is found in the report of a pastoral visit in 1584. It was then a modest chapel annexed to the cemetery behind the church of San Maurizio.

The sanctuary has, on the altar, a depiction of the Madonna which conveys to us the importance of this figure.

Built in its current form in 1779 on the previous sixteenth-century building, it was equipped with its current facade only in 1910, when the engineer Stefano Cambiano created the large panoramic terrace in front.


In the apse, above the altar, stands out the painting of the Madonna with the Child ruling the world, dating back to the 16th century, crowned by wooden angels created by the students of the School of Artisans of Turin and gilded by Giuseppe Santiano from Pinerolo.


A place of worship that can be visited inside, whose opening hours coincide with those of the Basilica of San Maurizio




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